Tankball with Gianluigi Buffon Tankball with Gianluigi Buffon

Short movie

In summer 2018, World of Tanks introduced a new line of vehicles coming from Italy. To support the release and raise extra awareness among the audience, we reached out to the football legend Gianluigi “Gigi” Buffon to become the official ambassador for the debuting tank nation.

As a culmination of the mutual work, we created “Football Match”, a mini movie starring Gigi and set in somewhat late 80s—early 90s, the childhood period for a typical World of Tanks player. Analogue and valved in every detail, the movie reaches its climax, when the iconic goalkeeper faces real, fearsome tanks on a football pitch.​

With this movie, we tried to bring our players to their earliest years and recapture the bright memories of their past. And, as many of World of Tanks players are keen football fans, showing their long-standing idol helped draw even deeper immersion into the storyline.

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