World of Tanks: Highway Rock World of Tanks: Highway Rock

Web game

World of Tanks players love to customize their in-game vehicles. So, when the task of improving player retention was set, we created a web event built around just that, but with cars. We chose the Americana style for these motors, as the automobile is one of its pillars, and based them on three archetypal high school subcultures of 1950s America—Greasers, Nerds, and Preps.​

The users of the Highway Rock site could create cars out of parts they were awarded for simply playing the game and making purchases. Special attention was paid to making the parts fit seamlessly—even those of different and typically clashing styles—so that players could mix and match while designing cars that would be aesthetically pleasing. Overall, there were 4,096 different possible combinations.​

The players could store their vehicles in the Garage section of the website, share them on social media, and even make wallpapers featuring their creations. Over 730,000 players were satisfied—after all, everyone loves cool cars.​