World of Tanks: Holiday Ops World of Tanks: Holiday Ops

Annual global 360 campaign

The Christmas and New Year's holidays are one of the major annual beats in World of Tanks. Millions of players around the world are waiting for this event with new mechanics, a lot of content and festive atmosphere.​

For 5 years now, every December we are preparing an inspiring global promo campaign with famous heroes that evoke emotion and drive action. In 2021, the legend of all boys over 30, Arnold Schwarzenegger became the hero of the event.​

We divided the campaign into two parts:​

  • To retain current audience, we created a heartwarming, magic story about Arnold's meaningful role in many boys' lives and his participation in Holiday Ops event.​
  • To hook and attract new audience to the game, we developed a fun and playful solution in a series of short videos based on Arnold's famous meme line from the Predator movie.​

In addition, we created the event's identity, conducted a photo shoot, designed eye-catching merch and produced more than 100 supporting media assets.