World of Tanks: Mid-Autumn Festival World of Tanks: Mid-Autumn Festival

Interactive promo site

The Mid-Autumn Festival is an auspicious time for many East Asian cultures, which believe that this is when the Moon is at its brightest and fullest. For them, this is a time for family, celebration, and, of course, traditional delicacies like mooncakes! In 2021, World of Tanks joined the festivities and welcomed all players to embark on a unique battle journey, where they can expect both the thrill of the fight and a range of rewards!​

For this event, we developed an interactive promo site where the player interacted with two graphic novels, two edges of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The first was modern, atmospheric, and colorful, leading the player through festive locations. The second was crafted as a book, narrating the legend of a brave archer. By completing in-game missions, the player unlocked chapters of the legend and received the desired reward. With this approach, we combined the mood of the holiday and its ancient background through the active participation of the player in the game event.​

As a result, we activated over 28% of Chinese players, and about 96% of event participants were active during the whole event period.​