WoT Blitz: Mad Games WoT Blitz: Mad Games

Global Halloween Campaign

A post-apocalyptic world, brutal tanks, distinctive protagonist and an upbeat humor - here's a cool recipe for a successful advertising campaign for the mobile game World of Tanks Blitz during Halloween 2018.​

Together with the product team and Peter Pound, the principle vehicle designer on Mad Max: Fury Road, we created Mad Games, a special in-game event. And wrapped it up in the fascinating story of the fictional commander of the post-apocalyptic tank - The Captain. He has become the hero of stylishly humorous announcement videos and a series of even more hilarious pre-rolls. ​

These daring videos, event identity, key visuals, banners, supporting gameplay videos, landing page, design packs for stores, and even fancy T-shirts allowed us to create a full-fledged high-volume newsbreak. Just in one month we made an info-explosion and increased downloads of the game by 40% (in comparison to the previous month).