WoT Blitz: Night Hunt WoT Blitz: Night Hunt

Narrative event video

Five hundred years ago, the battle between Light and Darkness began on the last night of October. Dracula and Helsing clashed until dawn, and while the warrior of darkness was defeated, he left a terrible prophecy: “The day will arrive when we will fight again.”​

On October 10, 2017, this prophecy came to see the light of day when the in-game Halloween event began in the mobile game World of Tanks Blitz. To promote this event globally—focusing on American players—we have created a fascinating story that intertwines past and present, the myth and the game.​

With the combination of live-action and CG, we achieved not only a deep immersion of the player in the event’s story but also deliciously stated two main heroes, two new tanks, to evoke in the audience a desire to try them in-game.​