Grime Grime

Cinematic trailer / 01:50

We like to experiment. And let's be honest, when the risks are minimal, it's not such a daunting prospect to do so, unlike those for whom the cost of a mistake is the death of a favorite brainchild. And when we launched the studio, we thought it would be cool to do something special as a starting point, for example, using the law of conservation of energy. So, the idea was born to do our bit for the development of the gaming industry and support up-and-coming indie developers.


We looked at hundreds of projects on various platforms and settled on CLOVER BITE, a small studio that was preparing a release together with publisher AKUPARA GAMES. A surreal world, a fresh perspective on character creation, and a rich potential for storytelling won us over. A suggestion was made to have a Full CG Cinematic Trailer to launch the game.

Everyone understood that this would be a difficult project. For indie developers, their product is like their child, often like a first-born. And it was very important for us to keep this feeling. We came to the guys and said that we just want to make a cool project together. Therefore, we will take into account the entire path they have traveled, listen and discuss edits with them, and try to make the trailer so that the audience want to become a part of this game.


At PLAYSENSE, the most important part is not just the visuals, but the story told. We strive to look for new approaches to storytelling and create tales that you want to dive into.

GRIME is a unique project. Its lore is revealed as the player progresses, culminating in a sort of surprise, however, we couldn’t fully state this in the trailer. In addition, the main character has virtually no obvious motivation. It was very difficult to come up with a story a game in which the character needs to crush everything around him for no reason, and any more detail can’t be revealed. Nevertheless, we managed to show the origin of this wild and beautiful world, the appearance of a hero in it and the first trials and tribulations that he encounters. We tried to convey the gameplay mechanics that the player will encounter as much as we could, while preserving the cinematic story.


This is the first PLAYSENSE project on which a distributed team from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Lithuania worked. A new production pipeline, cloud rendering, and a month and a half of continuous work resulted in:

  • 110 seconds of Full CG
  • 107 seconds of character animation
  • 5 characters with unique rigs
  • A semi-procedural environment generator
  • 24 unique effects
  • Happy developers and a happy sales team

We are very pleased with our collaboration with CLOVER BITE and AKUPARA GAMES. And we want to encourage other development companies to follow our example and contribute to the development of the gaming industry. Support young indie developers, they have a burning desire and cool designs. #supportindie

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