Monopoly Madness Monopoly Madness

Announcement trailer

The task:

Create a colorful and bright video showing the frenetic, twist-laden nature of Monopoly Madness gameplay, which also features iconic and beloved Monopoly characters (starting with Mr. Monopoly himself).

The plot:

Mr. Monopoly is going on a well-deserved vacation. Flying over Monopoly City, he casts a glance out the airplane window and witnesses the merry madness going on below.

The implementation:

We integrated general shots of real gameplay with expressive CG scenes with a low-hanging camera that were created by us, which resulted in the transitions between gameplay and CGI being seamless and, at the same time, spectacular. The full-CGI graphics were based on the game's already existing stylization. We kept the individual features of the buildings, the atmosphere of the maps, and the characters' looks. At the same time, we enhanced the environment in full-CG scenes, worked out the scale of objects, and added more detail and personality to the characters. Our extensive experience with both CGI creation and gameplay shooting using a virtual camera really came in handy here.

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