Total War: Arena Total War: Arena

Game launch

Total War: ARENA is a team-based real-time-tactical online game where heroes from the past lead 3 units with hundreds of warriors and clash in epic scale 10 v 10 fights across ancient battlefields.​

To get gamers' attention and entice them to take part in the Open Beta Test​ we gave our full support to the publisher and prepared a complete package of solutions, featuring:​​

  • Audience research and strategy deck;​

  • Full pack of brand identity and visual style​;​

  • OBT acquisition campaign “I am the commander” approach;​

  • Website conceptualization and production​;​

  • Creative development & production of all assets.​

    We designed and produced over 140 artworks, banners and social media posts, more than 45 CGI and gameplay videos, amazing live shooting trailer, and prepared brand participation at Gamescom 2017.​