Sabaton Bismarck Sabaton: Bismarck

Branded music video / 06:10

The idea of the “Bismarck” project was to create a story dedicated to all the sailors who fought in The Battle of the Atlantic without picking sides and make a tribute to all fallen sailors of WWII. In collaboration with famous heavy-metal band Sabaton we produced the music video that recreates the Hunt for the Bismarck with 3D models straight out of World of Warships game. ​

We created historically accurate content with high production value and a compelling story that excited both World of Warships and Sabaton fans and helped us get exposure without spending a penny on promotion. ​

113 000 000+ native reach in the first week after release. ​

57 000 000+ views of the main music video version to date. ​

1 000 000+ views on YouTube on the day of release, and it was trending in Germany (#8), Finland (#2), USA (#16), Norway (#11) and Russia (#18). A rare feat for a metal music video.

Treatment | Moodboard | Script | Artwork | Direction | Preproduction | Sound design | Production | VFX | Postproduction

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